Mode of Operation

We sell  high quality switchblade knives, as such, they come at a premium.  The selection of a knife is a very personal decision.  Each one has a very distinct feel.  The functionality of each model is different.  The intended use and mode of carry is dependent on the owner.  With these factors in mind, we believe that these types of knives should be sold face to face.  One should handle these knives before deciding which one to purchase.  So, it is our intention to sell these knives in person at Gun and  Knife shows in the Dallas – Fort Worth and West Texas areas.

In 2018, we hope to expand our venues to include car and motorcycle rallies, and other events. And to develop a direct sales program to sell knives to organizations that would like to have a series of knives made with their logos on them.

We will sell knives via the internet; but it will not be our primary focus.